Vanilla Bean Scones

Hello readers! This is my first ‘recipe review’! I am going to talk about the Pioneer Woman‘s vanilla bean scones. Anything that has the words ‘vanilla bean’ catches my attention, in case you haven’t noticed (but of course I’ll try to cut down on my vanilla bean addiction).


My end product!

Honestly, when I saw her images of the scones, I was surprised as the scones I know are firstly shaped differently, and eaten with whipped cream and jam. Forgive me, I was really ignorant with this. Moving on, the recipe was relatively easy and her instructions were easy to follow. She gave step-by-step pictures which really made it not only visually more appealing, but easier to understand steps. (Which will of course, is much better than mine, but oh well)

Disclaimer: I did not invent this recipe.

Also, I only made half the amount (12 scones), and did not double dip the icing (made only a quarter of the icing).


Mix vanilla bean, heavy cream and egg


Sift together the flour, baking powder, sugar, and salt








Then to dreaded task, cutting the butter into the flour. I didn’t have a pastry cutter, so I had to rub the butter in with my fingers, or cut it in with a knife.

ImageAfterwards, pour the wet mixture in and mix it with a fork.

ImageNow comes the part where I get a problem. Unlike her dough, mine was really sticky. I don’t know whether it is because of the humidity in Singapore that caused a lot of moisture to be absorbed into the dough, or because I took too long to cut the butter in, which made the butter melt a bit. Perhaps it is both. So what I did was gather the dough into a ball, flatten it slightly, and place it into the fridge for a few hours.

Now, flour time. Dust the surface with flour, rub the rolling pin with flour, and sprinkle some flour onto the dough.


Cut and bake

ImageThe glaze is simple but packed with vanilla!

I loved her tip on putting the baking tray (with the parchment paper) underneath while pouring the glaze on. It really made cleaning a lot more easier.


Time to eat!


I think I’ll coat the scones all over with the glaze when it comes to these smaller sized ones 🙂

Taste-wise, I loved the strong flavour of vanilla. The shape of it was rather large for my liking, and it reminded me of a soft-baked biscuit of some-sort. So I tried the recipe again, but this time, I used a medium sized cookie cutter to get cute heart-shaped cookies scones, and baked them for 15-16min instead. Making half of the dough that her recipe calls for gave me 20 heart-shaped scones(?). If you love vanilla-overdoses like I do, I think this recipe is worthy of trying.

Happy Chinese New Year!


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