Valentines Day! Chocolate cupcake with strawberry frosting!


Mr Sweetly Seductive

Feel the love in the air with these chocolate cupcakes with fresh strawberry frosting~

Valentines Day is here, and I had a blast! I got some Valentines gifts, school was relaxed (for me) for a day, and also, I baked some treats for my friends! Strawberry and chocolate is a combo that is so obviously romantic, so I wanted to make a chocolate cupcake with fresh strawberry frosting. I tried out Robyn’s (from Add a Pinch) chocolate cupcakes, and topped  it with Tattooed Martha’s strawberry frosting.

The chocolate cupcake… Honestly reminded me why I have been avoiding eating or making chocolate cupcakes for the longest time. It was rather dense, which I find most chocolate cupcakes to be, so for that to be eaten with frosting, I felt too full for my liking. I am not implying that this recipe isn’t great, just that chocolate cupcakes aren’t particularly my cup of tea. I tend to prefer lighter and airier cupcakes. I do have a chocolate cupcake recipe that is lighter with a twist, which I will try to share someday.

This recipe is easy. Whisk together the dry ingredients in the bowl of your stand-mixer. Embarrassingly, I forgot about the cocoa powder! It was only until the end where I was supposed to add the water, did I think “Wait a minute, isn’t this supposed to be a chocolate cupcake recipe?” Haha! I blame my addiction to baking vanilla treats.

I doubled the chocolate cupcake recipe here.

Then add milk, eggs, vanilla and oil. I suggest folding the batter slightly so that the dry ingredients don’t fly up to your face!

IMG_9089Continuing mixing on low speed while pouring in the water. This causes the batter to become really liquid, but that’s what gives this cupcake it’s moisture.


An ice cream scoop is your best friend when it is cupcake baking time.

 I would probably try this recipe again, since I feel as though I am lacking chocolate cupcake recipes. What bothers me though is that it was quite dense for a cupcake that uses oil as opposed to butter. So I will probably try to change some of the methodology, and experiment to see what I can do to fix this, perhaps for example, beat the wet ingredients first, then add the dry ingredients to prevent overbeating the batter. The ending does need to mix on high speed for a minute though, so perhaps I will experiment with this area too. Flavour-wise, I could not taste much as much cocoa in the baked cupcake, so I might add one-two more tablespoons of cocoa powder. Baking truly is a chemistry experiment.

Now for the strawberry frosting. It is quite funny that I was given strawberries as a Valentines day gift the day after I bought a packet to make the strawberries.

IMG_9103I didn’t double the recipe, unlike with the chocolate cupcakes. So hull the strawberries and cut them in half, until you have filled one cup.

IMG_9097Use a food processor and puree the strawberries. Then place it on a stove and heat on medium heat. Bring to a boil and stir every few minutes. Then let the strawberry puree cool completely.

IMG_9098Beat the butter until light and fluffy, then add 1 cup icing sugar. Then add half of the strawberry puree. One more cup of icing sugar, then the rest of the strawberry puree. The recipe called for 3 1/2 cups, but honestly, 2 cups is enough.

IMG_9099The strawberry frosting did not have as strong of a strawberry taste as I would like for it to be. Sadly I don’t have strawberry extract, so perhaps next time I will add in a few more strawberries.

So I tried to pipe roses on the cupcakes, and as you can see from the photo… I need more piping practice…

IMG_9063For decoration, I folded some paper hearts, and drew cute faces on them. I followed the instructions in this image I found on google:

origami_heart_by_mastaazumarek1I snipped off the edge of the heart and glued in a toothpick.



Thankfully my friends appeared to love these cupcakes more than I did. Maybe because they were being nice. Or I am being a critic. Probably both.

It is already over here in Singapore, but… Happy Valentines Day!


I love making these 'DIY mugs'

I love making these ‘DIY mugs’


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