Vanilla Bean Waffles

I love making breakfast for my family during the weekends- we can all eat together and have a little something ‘special’, which in our case- Vanilla Bean Waffles. On weekdays, we all have different morning schedules: my mother wakes up early to go to work, I get up a bit later to go to school, my father varies on his case, and now that my sister… well it depends on whether she is here in Singapore. So during the weekends, it’s nice to have a family breakfast, and my family loves waffles (personally, I prefer pancakes, but oh well). I used this babble site’s vanilla bean waffles.


My favourite mug~

Handmade waffles are really easy to make; it’s just dumping wet to dry ingredients, and then the waffle maker will do the rest for you! So first, put all your dry ingredients in a bowl (salt, baking powder, flour, brown sugar and vanilla bean), and whisk until the ingredients are evenly distributed.

IMG_8922Then for the wet (I prefer to whisk the wet ingredients separately to avoid overmixing the waffle mix). Eggs, oil, and buttermilk. I will only make these waffles if I had buttermilk in my fridge. They help make the texture lighter and fluffier! I’ve read a tip which is to whip the egg whites separately from the yolk, to make the waffles even fluffier. I will try that the next time I am able to make these waffles, and update this post.

IMG_8943Make a well in your dry ingredients, and pour in the wet mixture. Then use a wooden spoon or spatula to fold it in (remember not to overmix!)

Waffle mix is done!

Waffle mix is done!

Lightly brush your waffle maker with vegetable oil, and add in some of the waffle mix. (The amount varies with the waffle maker) Cook with whatever the manufacturer’s directions are. For me, I cooked it for 2 minutes.

IMG_8919Something I hate about this waffle maker is that on particular side, the left half of the top side/surface always cooks faster. I don’t understand why; I have tried researching for answers, and I have evenly coated the waffle maker, thus that could not be the reason. Nevertheless, I have been told that I am just being petty; it’s still pretty darn good.


I did not make the vanilla syrup, even though I was very tempted to. This way, we can quickly tuck into our waffle breakfast! My parents like to eat their waffles with butter and maple syrup, while I omit the butter.


I made these waffles while my sister was back from university. She, on the other hand, eats her waffles with ice cream.


Although I did make changes to the procedure, I liked this recipe as it has my favourite vanilla beans in it. This helped with the aroma of the waffles. Furthermore, I have never made waffles from scratch, and these waffles were lightly crisp and light in texture! I will definitely make these waffles again, with a few more experiments to the procedure! I shall update this post when I have time (and buttermilk) to do so!


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