Chocolate Tartlets

So this week, I decided to make an attempt at these chocolate tartlets…

Photo by my baking apprentice and now photographer! School surprisingly has great lighting!

Photo by my baking apprentice and now photographer! School surprisingly has great lighting!

The mini shortbread tarts were not the prettiest thing ever, but I love shortbread and it tasted rather good. As my dad always tells me, ‘It doesn’t matter how it looks, it will still go down into the stomach!’ Of course I don’t fully believe in this; I still want my treats to be aesthetically appealing, but for a first try at making tarts in a mini muffin pan, I think they are OK.

So, I adapted the shortbread crust from PheNOMenal, and adapted the chocolate ganache recipe from Christina Marsigliese. I opted out the Brandy (I don’t like any sorts of alcohol haha) and used vanilla extract and coffee instead, but if you do like Brandy, then perhaps you should try the original recipe. You can even use her pastry, but I honestly like shortbread crust a tad bit more.

So start off with the filling. Bring the cream to a boil, and pour it into the chocolate chips, leaving it for 5min. My bowl was too big, so most of the heat escaped to the surroundings, so I actually had to microwave this for about 20seconds to melt all the chocolate chips. I think next time, I’ll add the chocolate chips to the cream instead.
Then I added 1.5tsp vanilla extract and 1.5tsp coffee to get a nice mocha ganache. My coffee-lover friend who keeps complaining that I don’t make enough coffee treats commented that this had a right amount of coffee.
Set aside, letting it thicken up. Stir it every now and again.

Now for the shortbread crust. Flour, icing sugar, corn starch and butter goes into the food processor. I used salted butter and added half a tsp of vanilla extract.
Since Singapore is so hot and humid, the dough was quite soft, so I popped it into the fridge for about 30min.
Then, take about a scant tablespoon of dough and put it into your greased muffin pan. You should check out the original recipe to see how she did it. Super clever idea of using the tablespoon to press down the dough
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
This wasn’t mentioned in the recipe, but I poked holes into the dough with a fork and popped it into the freezer to firm it up while I preheated the oven

Shortbread crust is done!

They were a bit puffy, so I used a teaspoon to press it down gently. Let it cool to room temperature
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
My friend thought of a smart idea of taking the tarts out with a toothpick
Back to the ganache. It should have a consistency like this

Nice and thick

Nice and thick

You could pipe it on, or simple use a spoon to create little spikes (I only did this because I decided I did not like the nozzle I was using oops)

Add some sprinkles if you want it to look prettier. If i had any raspberries, I would definitely top these little tartlets with them

Bad lighting since it was raining when I was baking. Let’s see the pictures my friend took for me again

Overall, it tasted good. I love the mocha taste from the ganache, and the crumbly buttery crust from the shortbread. I took quite a while to shape the shortbread dough into the pan, but I suppose it takes practice to be quick and nimble enough.


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