Nutella-swirl Banana Muffins

So, a family friend gave us a huge bunch of Maldivian bananas, which are so much smaller than regular ones but so much more fragrant! Sadly, they ripen really really quickly, so what do you do with overripe bananas? Bake with them!

I used The Novice Chef’s recipe, and was pleased with the results. The muffins were so moist and packed with yummy banana muffin, and it only had 1/4 cup oil! The nutella wasn’t prominent enough for me, but I think that is my own fault since I used a scant teaspoon instead of a full one (next time I won’t hold back!). It was also really easy to make; no mixer required.

Whisk together flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt.

Then in a separate bowl, whisk together brown sugar, white sugar and mashed bananas. The recipe said 4 bananas, but since the bananas I had were much smaller, I mashed up enough bananas to fill 1 1/3 cups.
Later, whisk in the egg, oil, vanilla extract.
Whisk in dry mixture. Banana muffin batter is already done!
Gotta use that handy ice-cream scoop

Bonus nutella time. Add a teaspoon (I regret not using a full teaspoon) onto the top of the batter, and use a toothpick to swirl
I only managed to get 16 muffins. Anyways, bake it

Gosh, they are AMAZING fresh from the oven! The nutella is so nicely toasted, and the kitchen smelled so good

I recommend this recipe, so check out her recipe! The next time I get Maldivian bananas, I will make these muffins again!


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