Molten Lava Cake

Mock exams are over, and boy do I need a break. Stress for two weeks, last-minute cramming, and high fever. Lovely. Anyways, so after the mock exams were done, I needed to indulge. With molten lava cake.

I used Gordon Ramsay’s recipe posted here, halved the recipe, and made 6 molten lava cakes. It was really tasty, I love the lava in the center! It’s relatively easy to make too! I remember watching Masterchef, and they said 1 second before, it will be soup, 1 second after, it will be a brownie. Not true haha! So don’t be intimidated by the molten lava goodness!

First, melt some butter and brush your ramekins with them. Then, sprinkle in some cocoa powder to coat the ramekins


I like to refrigerate the ramekins while making the batter

IMG_7038Melt the butter and chocolate.

IMG_7039Whip the eggs until foamy. Then, mix in the melted chocolate. Lastly, fold in the flour (in thirds). I suggest sifting it in.

IMG_5695There! Your batter is already done!

Now distribute into the ramekins. Bake it!

IMG_7059It smells so good!!

The lava is peeking out here!

To take the cake out, run a knife along the ramekin, flip it onto a plate, and tap the ramekin a few times

IMG_8590IMG_7066Serve with ice cream, and cut into the center for that awesome chocolate flow.

I found it a bit sweet, but other than that, I really like this recipe. Even though I made more molten lava cakes than the recipe called for, it’s still quite high in calories. So this shall be a once-in-blue-moon treat.

Don’t worry if you fail. It will still taste nice. One time, we ordered molten lava cake from this restaurant, and they served us this:

IMG_6694I couldn’t help but be rude and let out a short “HAHA!” The texture was bad, there was no lava, the taste was bland, and worse of all, they still made us pay for it. Gross. That’s why I would rather make my own molten lava cakes.

Dig in and enjoy!


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