Owl Cupcakes

My IB exam has ended! This means that I can start baking again! Since my friend is a Harry Potter fan, and her birthday party was coming, I decided to bake her some owl cupcakes! Hedwig cupcakes to be more precise!

Basically, I used a chocolate cupcake recipe, and topped it with cream cheese frosting, lastly decorating the cupcake with oreos and m&ms to look like an owl. I used Baking A Moment’s simply perfect chocolate cupcake recipe, and since it is perfect, I had high expectations. Let’s just say, it didn’t disappoint. The chocolate cupcake was fluffy and moist, and the cupcakes were quick to make! I really recommend this recipe!

Sift and whisk your dry ingredients (baking soda, sugar, cake flour, cocoa powder, all purpose flour, baking powder and salt)

IMG_7993Mix in cold butter until it resembles wet sand (weird technique, but the recipe works haha)

IMG_7994Then, mix in eggs, Greek yogurt and vanilla

IMG_7995Yummy chocolate cupcake batter! It smelt so good!

img_7976Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetNow to the frosting. I used my cream cheese frosting recipe, which you can find in my red velvet cupcake post. So mix cream cheese with butter. Then mix in sifted powdered sugar. Now add the vanilla extract. I used a clear vanilla extract to get the frosting as white as possible.

IMG_7998Now, for the fun part! Decorating the cupcake! Spread some frosting evenly onto the cupcake. Then use a knife to shape some ‘ears’- well, I think they are ears

IMG_7996Twist and separate two mini oreos. Place the oreos with the white stuff onto the cupcakes at the positions seen below. Then take two brown m&ms and stick them onto the oreos. I like to put a little bit of frosting on it to act as glue. Stick an orange m&m into the centre to look like a beak.

IMG_7997Melt some dark chocolate, and use a toothpick to draw some ‘v’s on the cupcake

img_7985Tada! Cute owl cupcakes!


Picture credit goes to the birthday girl, Ruru :)

Picture credit goes to the birthday girl, Ruru 🙂

Owl Cupcakes

  • Batch of cupcakes of your choice (I used chocolate)
  • Cream cheese or vanilla frosting (any frosting that is white in colour)
  • Brown m&ms
  • Orange m&ms
  • Mini oreos
  • Dark chocolate (melted)
  1. Spread the frosting evenly onto the cupcake
  2. Use a knife to shape a little frosting at the top to look like ears
  3. Twist and separate two oreos. Use the side with the white cream
  4. Position the oreos a little below the ears
  5. Take two brown m&ms, and put a little frosting on the ‘m’ side
  6. Stick a brown m&m on each oreo
  7. Stick an orange m&m into the centre of the cupcake to resemble a beak
  8. Use a toothpick to draw some dark chocolate ‘v’s onto the cupcake

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