Nutella-swirl Banana Muffins

So, a family friend gave us a huge bunch of Maldivian bananas, which are so much smaller than regular ones but so much more fragrant! Sadly, they ripen really really quickly, so what do you do with overripe bananas? Bake with them!

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Vanilla Bean Waffles

I love making breakfast for my family during the weekends- we can all eat together and have a little something ‘special’, which in our case- Vanilla Bean Waffles. On weekdays, we all have different morning schedules: my mother wakes up early to go to work, I get up a bit later to go to school, my father varies on his case, and now that my sister… well it depends on whether she is here in Singapore. So during the weekends, it’s nice to have a family breakfast, and my family loves waffles (personally, I prefer pancakes, but oh well). I used this babble site’s vanilla bean waffles.


My favourite mug~

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